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About Me

Hi! I'm Craig McRae, a Physics Ph.D. student at the University of Manitoba. My passions within the subject are fundamental symmetries of nature, and unifications thereof. Practically, I work on nucleon structure and QCD.



Masters of Science in Physics
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Bachelor of Science Joint Honours in Physics and Computer Science
-Minors in Math & Philosophy
-Specialization in Artificial Intelligence


Representation theory, Classical Field Theory, General Relativity, Model Fitting, Quantum Computing


C/C++, Mathematica, Python, Java

My Projects

Writing of Physics and Philosophy

My writing on various topics in physcis and philosophy may be found here.

I also am quite fond of this write up of mine, regarding the nature of unit systems and their interrelationship with the structure of physical laws.

Mathy Stuff

I'm currently building a prolog script which keeps track of the relationships between various Lie algebras and Lie groups.

Quantum Computing: here you can find my personal quantum computing suite writtin in mathematica.

Fun Stuff

WordConnector: This program is a lot of fun to play with for anyone who likes word games. It finds the shortest path between two words based on the entered words rhymes, synonyms, etc.

Spotify Pairings: This repository is a selection of python scipts which automatically queue up songs I beleive shoud always be played together.


My email is first.last at umanitoba.ca